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Loving the enemy-N and Touko
When I realized I loved you I couldn't believe it.  I scolded myself and refused to accept my feelings.  You were one of "them" and yet you fascinated me like no girl ever had.  I tried to forget about your sweet, delicate face and that fiery personality but I couldn't put you out of my mind.  You invaded my dreams and I woke up every day with this lingering happiness that I couldn't quite describe.  I sighed and tossed rocks into the pond that I was near, my heart and mind restless.  I wanted to hold you and never let you go.  What? I couldn't believe I just had that thought.  I must have lost my mind.  I couldn't think that way about the enemy.  I tried to cast you aside but you always came back to me.  As the days pasted I felt myself longing and pining for you more and more.  I felt sick when I discovered I couldn't concentrate on my work because of you.  I was supposed to be liberating Pokemon from their masters but instead here I was day dreaming about you.  You always seemed to care so much about your Pokemon.  You would always beat me in Pokemon battles but that was because you were kind, sweet and gentle with your Pokemon.  They wanted to listen to you and fulfill your commands.  It had been the third day straight that I had dreamt about you.  You were dancing with me in the sky, the stars and planets whirling around us.   You were dressed in a gorgeous pink dress and I was dressed in a black suit.  We were slow dancing and stars were falling over our heads.  It was so magical and strange at the same time.  I was walking to the next town for some business when I saw you race past me.  My heart raced in my chest and I felt like I had to talk to you.  I raced after you and caught your arm midair.  You slowed to a stop and turned to face me.  "Look I'm kind of busy so.." When you saw it was me you snarled and yanked your hand back.  "What do you want N?"  You said brusquely.  I felt something break the way you looked at me with such hatred.  "Um.. It's..nevermind," I said and started to turn away.  You followed after me and said, "Wait N there must be something you wanted to say to me."  I turned around to face you, hands in my pockets, a surprised expression on my face.  You seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say.  I sighed and tried to tell you all of my feelings that I had tried to lock away for so long.  "I wanted to tell you how I felt," I said.  You stared at me puzzled but I could see you were willing to listen.  "Touko, I know we've been enemies for a while and that a loser like me couldn't even be in your league but please listen to what I have to say."  "Wait, what are you trying to say?" You said your crystal blue eyes shining.  "Shh, listen," I said putting a finger on your beautiful, petite mouth.  You nodded and I continued.  "I would like it very much if we could stop being enemies."  You smiled and said, "That's all you wanted?"  I shook my head, "There's more."  You furrowed your brow but nodded.  "I want to be with you Tokuo," I said my voice shaking.  The way you looked at me then was too much for me to handle.  I sighed audibly and started to walk away.  "I figured you wouldn't be interested," I said.  What you did next surprised me.  You grabbed my wrist and pulled me to face you.  "N do you really feel that way?" You said.  I nodded and felt on the verge of tears because I knew you were going to tell me you'd rather us be just friends.  "I can't believe you waited this long to tell me," you said.  I blinked rapidly and tried to follow you.  What you did next cleared everything up for me.  You leaned in and began to kiss me with those soft lips of yours.  I wrapped my arms around your waist and you put yours on my neck.  You leaned in to me and began to kiss me with a furious passion.  I moaned as you slid your tongue into my mouth.  Our tongues wrestled each other's and yours topped mine.  I should have known, you were a passionate thing.  We broke the kiss for some much needed air and I gazed at you with love.  "I want to be with you too N," you said, your smile making my heart clench.  I put my hand in yours and we walked off into the sunset.
This is a N and Touko short story so don't read it if you hate them. Also it's from N's point of view. I hope you enjoy and comment!
mdhiaid Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Totally AWESOME .And romantic, ooooooooo
zaptoes Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
HeavenlyFairy Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm glad you liked it.
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